Hot-rolled steel : SPCC/D-E

High quality hot-rolled steel production through the latest equipment

The hot-rolled steel products rolled to a thickness of less than a semi-finished product is heated to about 6mm slab made of blast furnace hot metal.
Consistently based on the latest hot-rolled steel production systems and equipment to produce high-quality hot-rolled steel.


The life of the car holds the superior strength and fatigue resistance, so of course directly related to safety, even with increasing ease deformable according to the various vehicle design becomes costly siege and body weight have a suitable property.
Used primarily frames that make up the body of the vehicle, wheel, and plating.

And the mechanical properties, because the role of the skeleton structure is important, the yield strength is required for each use, the tensile strength, elongation, bendability, and stocks and impact toughness.
Separated by a general structural and welded construction is mainly used in bridges and structures such as ships and vehicles.

High pressure gas cylinders
Manage the process by minimizing the temperature in the hot rolling process, excellent processability and long-specific material deviations. In particular, we maintain a high degree of cleanliness and safety, so directly through the impurity management. Mainly used for pressure vessels, gas tanks.

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