Stainless steel sheet : 304

Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel cold-rolled steel with wear-resistant
Superior corrosion resistance by adding chromium and nickel alloying elements than ordinary steel, has a high wear resistance.
Built elegant interior and exterior surfaces, elevator, kitchen appliances and automobile parts are used in many industries.
Hot-rolled stainless steel sheet with a thickness to meet the customer’s needs, you create a product.


The surface of the product to be used in interior and exterior architectural expertise is beautiful and corrosion resistance, and to have excellent properties.
Coloring on stainless steel surfaces, etc. The products of various shapes are produced through the surface finish.

Appliances and kitchenware
Corrosion resistance and wear resistance in a sheath material used for kitchen utensils and hygiene products, household appliances that require a product that has excellent features.
Typically used in frame of the TV, washing machine inside the panel, dishware.

Of the vehicle muffler, the product used in the exhaust gas and the fuel tank is excellent in oxidation resistance and resistant to sulfur components contained in fuel.
In the case of automotive deep drawing formability this lot has outstanding characteristics.

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