Reinforced : SD500

Reinforced high-performance eco-friendly development for building safety

Reinforcement is a product of circular bars and shapes are used as building materials axial projection of the same and there is a word of direction to the surface at regular intervals hwing made a strong adhesion to concrete.
Mainly architectural, structural and civil engineering sseuyimyeo much as saengsang the reinforcement of various specifications. Threaded rebar, and expand sales of high value-added products such as seismic reinforcement.


Ultra-high strength reinforced
The yield strength of the product with characteristics more than 50kg / mm2. Bridges, tall buildings, and second pole is used for special structures and the recent increase in demand.

General (release) Reinforced
Word yet on the surface having a circular cross section in the form of products with a long steel bar length (ribs) with construction when’re smooth concrete and physical
Combine it serves to increase the strength of reinforced concrete structures. Mainly used in building materials and civil and structural products that we can most easily accessible in everyday life.

Threaded rebar
Unlike conventional reinforced no longitudinal bars, is a product that is formed in a spiral direction words such as screws. Increase the affordability and reliability of the connection when using a coupler assembly Unlike conventional reinforced
The ‘Line Assembly, after construction, a lot of commonly used products such as high-rise buildings.

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