“Our season” has been producing essential materials for
the steel industry over the last 30 years,
Ceaseless innovation and technological development through
quality automotive, electronics and construction of major
industrial nation
Has contributed significantly to improving the competitiveness.
As the nation’s first steel company
Started by “our season,” to make sure I completed the steel
plant in July 1, 2000, Chungnam electricity in Karatsu
He realized the long-awaited independence of raw materials,
work-rolled and cold-rolled across the business
Has been reborn as a seasonal company.

Today, “our season.” This performance is achieved thanks to your
encouragement customers and shareholders.
We “Our Steel” is a company with a clear and clean enough practice
management and ethics
Socially responsible companies, to realize the value of our customers
and shareholders a priority
We will do our best to make the company. In addition to cultivating
talents at home and abroad
Excavation and young people to raise grounds that can unfold a
big dream with a vision
We will try.
Deurimyeo customers ask for your continued support and encouragement,
Stay tuned for endless challenges and achievements of “our season.”
Thank you

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