Plates : 36-TM


High-performance, highly advanced domestic and foreign demand response through quality
Plates are generally to refer to a thick steel sheet thickness of at least 6mm, the hot-rolled semi-finished slab thickness of 200mm or more and are made through the subsequent steps such as cooling and heat treatment.
The first time in Korea, Russia, the production capacity for high quality products, such as receiving a classification certificate for cryogenic, high-performance steel plate from France and are recognized worldwide.


Received approval from the international classification societies recipe produces a classification for general and high tensile steel.
Recently, in response to the quality of advanced and diversified customer needs in accordance with the ship, such as light weight high strength, and has a low-temperature toughness, heat welding characteristics assignment.
Mainly tankers, bulk carriers lines, container ships, LNG carriers, such as bulkheads, has been used and the upper deck, hatch cover.

For pressure vessels
Because it will often be used in high-pressure environment of excellent heat resistance, and has a corrosion resistance.
You can use depending on the temperature-sensitive, so hot and serious injury for onyong and designed for low temperature and cryogenic temperature is mainly used for gas tanks, oil storage vessels, boilers, heat exchangers, and power plants.

General and weldable
Enlargement of the high-rise building structures and furnace use is expanding. Mainly used for bridges, industrial machinery, construction, and marine structures.

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