Cold Rolled Steel : SPHE

Flowers of steel products, cold-rolled steel sheet for automotive

The hot-rolled steel at room temperature is the most difficult to produce from about 2mm or less rolled products of iron or steel products in thickness, because it requires high technology also known as a bloom of steel products.
Cold-rolled steel is used as a shell and interior of the automobile closely with our lives have streamlined thin and thick surfaces, appliances, building materials.


Pickling oiled steel
After removal of the iron oxide and soil attached to the surface of the hot rolled steel sheet as hydrochloric acid, etc. Oil (Oil) on the surface of the steel sheet product was treated to prevent oxidation. Mainly used in automotive, building materials, materials for pipes.

Hot-plated steel
Hot-rolled galvanized steel surface has excellent corrosion resistance to the product. Resistant to corrosion due to being used as fencing, container, guard rails, pipes, construction, agricultural and industrial materials.

Electro-galvanized steel sheet
The hot-rolled steel cold-rolled steel or zinc plated surface with electricity and has excellent corrosion resistance and formability. Mainly used as a material for LCD, TV, DVD player, copiers, refrigerators, household appliances.

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