Beam : KS D 3502

The Beam Selection of the world’s best products
Steel is used to create words refer to collectively rolled steel products in the form of a cross-section is constant, primarily civil, structural construction.
Steel beam blanks made of semi-finished products made through the play working with molten melt steel scrap in an electric furnace, bloom, are made by rolling after heating the billet, respectively, over 1000.
Externally recognized for superior quality.


The form of a representative cross-section Steel products are widely used in framing and Public Works of the large structures of the H-shaped products.
Hot-rolled H-beam welding, as compared to a steel plate welded to create such a uniform intensity naejil You have excellent characteristics.

B Beam
The products in the absence of the type of tower-shaped cross-section b and hull reinforcement, truss beams, etc. Products are widely used as a reinforcement of the steel structure.

The shape of the industry as a c-shaped cross-section of the product machine frames, beams, truss bracing products used in the steel frame.
In general, a variety of H-beam is applied to the junction of I-beams and steel structures composed of.

I – beam
The cross-sectional shape of the product in the form of H-beams and I-beam similar to this one narrow and has a thick web properties.
It is mainly used for the running rail, guide rail of the hoist to move cargo.

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