Color steel : Uniglass

UV Clear coated high light transmittance and surface smooth as a mirror, also boasts a hatching (Clarity) of the glass level to the new technologies applied to the PCM line first in the world to cure. Height is perfect for UV coating and by developing working conditions to address the high price of low-quality PCM and the VCM of the existing high hatching and hatched at the same time, innovative products that meet the high-gloss coating and workability at the same time.

Such as high hardness crystal clear transparent glass is also clear deadline for print, metallic, pearl, solid color with high-quality color steel to enrich the color and pattern.
Consumer meets the basic quality required by the product.
The adjustment of the hardness and the workability of the coating film according to the degree of press-forming is possible. The products with the highest quality economics.

Refrigerator door, kimchi refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, video appliances such as Advanced Life / video consumer electronics applications

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