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The introduction of special duties “Our Steel”.



<Business Planning Job>
Business Planning
– The task of establishing and managing short-term and long-term business plan to achieve the goal of the organization.
In addition, the required budget and executive budget analysis, the expected loss estimate, is carrying out business analysis through performance management, including, of course, to establish a long-term and short-term operational strategies of the sales / production goals. Main business: Business Planning, SCM, operational strategies, profit and loss cost

<Construction management job families>
Construction Technology
– “Our steel” products for our customers as one of the Steel Solution consists of the construction site technical service and on-site management to be shipped in a timely manner.
Predicting monthly demand for it, and according to the site schedule is suitable to proceed with the Shop Drawing consultation services and construction work to be a stable supply.
– Main business: demand forecasting, Shop DWG, Construction Program Development

<Construction Site Management>
– The task of managing all matters arising in relation to the product at a construction site in order to improve the satisfaction of the customer site using the product.
In order ships from our customers, and provide a Steel Solution of steel only for such reasonable solution for a variety of Issue presented in a construction site, so that you can continue to customer value creation.

<Sales job families>
– The work to maximize the profitability of the steel for through effective customer management.
And after the national and international market demand and predictive analytics to develop a sales strategy efforts to achieve Sales volume and profit goals, and perform a variety of tasks related to the discovery and development of new customers and existing customers.
Main business: domestic sales, international sales, marketing strategy

Business Management
– Sales and income from operations analysis and reporting, and identify key customer base and is the work of analyzing the distribution network.
Sales Management and Sales minimize errors, and post-shipment management, accounts receivable management, and serves to help contribute to achieving Sales goals.

<Production Management Job>
Production Management
– The overall management for the production. Management of the production process, as well as the business goals and develop production plans according to Sales orders and perform tasks such as facilities management, technology development to improve productivity.
Main business: production management, steel production and rolling production, electrical equipment, general equipment, PC Production Management

– Quality objectives established in accordance with the specifications of each product, perform quality control, quality assurance services, to resolve the Issue related to quality. In addition, the promotion of quality and innovation so as to ensure that the work than reasonable quality.
Main business: quality improvement, quality management

<Environmental Health and Safety>
– Check each plant and office environment and safety conditions, and perform the work, which is responsible for the health of employees.
Compliance with environmental and safety laws and regulations, to carry out inspection activities, corporate event for safety awareness for the prevention of environmental accidents and industrial accidents, and continue to strive for accident / incident-free. In addition, employees perform duties such as health and health care and a pleasant working environment.
Main business: safety, environment, health

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