Location Information

“Our Steel” has a business network in the domestic / overseas.

Domestic Network
Seoul Headquarters
Incheon Incheon steelworks
Pohang Pohang steelworks / Central Institute of Technology
DangJin Dangjin plant
Busan Shinpyeong planet / Busan planet
Overseas Network
China China headquarters(Sales Division In CHINA)
Sheet Metal Co., Ltd. Wuxi Yangtze River(Wuxi Changjiang Metal Co.Ltd. Wuxi Works)
Japan Japan Branch(Corporation)
USA USA Branch(International,INC)
Mexico Mexico coil center(Union Steel MEXICOS.A. DE C.V.)
Brazil CSP(Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém)
India Indian coil center(USI Service Center Pvt. Ltd.)
Thailand Thai coil center(Union Steel Processing Center (THAILAND)Ltd.)

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  • phone number 02-852-4744
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