Title ¥ 3.5 billion foreign investment in Osaka, Japan 2015-04-01 09:16:08
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March 1 worked entering into this contract keeping Osaka, Japan, Kawasaki Steel and foreign capital. The foreign investment is made Redeemable Preferred Stock, the room doing way jimyeo 2-year repayment period is one year away 5% of funds of 700 shares. Then plan to use the last February 23 Redeemable Preferred shares issued by the terms and provisions such as incineration-based reimbursement to the Articles of Association at the annual shareholders’ meeting is reported to contribute to the improvement of financial structure.

In addition to this opportunity to Kawasaki Steel Plates and ongoing cooperation and capital investment coming to strengthen technical cooperation regarding Steel manufacturing technology and technical consultations, which had also AHN season to visit this year following last year.

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